Pen Drawings By Alessandro Paglia

“These drawings are a magnification of each piece as a tribute to its elegance and personality. My process is simple: I choose and photograph the subject, I draw the outlines in pencil and then meticulously reproduce it with thin technical black ink pens on rough grain paper laying layers of ink in a repeating pattern of little circles. The result is a refined artwork with a strong individuality both hyperrealistic and vibrant in a unique way.”

2016-09-05_57cd45dee505d_02CabochelampdesignedbyPatriciaUrquiolaforFoscarini.jpg 2016-09-05_57cd45dee525a_converse.jpg 2016-09-05_57cd45dee51f9_09Crumpled100dollarsbill.jpg 2016-09-05_57cd45dee5196_07CamparibottledesignedbyFortunatoDeperoin1932.jpg 2016-09-05_57cd45dee5132_05Thedetailedtextureofthesneakerpendrawing.jpg 2016-09-05_57cd45dee50c9_04SneakerbyPhilippPlein.jpg