Épicé By Tessa Doniga

“The word spicy reminds us of pungency, which stings is the sensation of sharp burning produced by horticultural products. It is also all about things that have a certain scatching or obscene character. The spiciness stimulates the sense of taste, of the emotions and the intensity of the flavours. Based on this concept, we have created a series of photos that are situated between fashion and product, the person identity and spicy still life representations” says Tessa Doniga about her project ‘Épicé’.

2017-12-19_5a398545cc88a_epice_01 2017-12-19_5a398545cc8e5_epice_2 2017-12-19_5a398545cc936_epice_03 2017-12-19_5a398545cc983_epice_04 2017-12-19_5a398545cc9d0_epice_05 2017-12-19_5a398545cca1d_epice_06