Nod Light

Nod Light features an intuitively accessible handling mechanism: The brightness can be dimmed continuously by lifting or lowering the shade. Just like the rising sun, Nod will shine brightest at its highest point. Lowering its head will put it to sleep. All functions are simplified into one intuitive action that leaves the task light to be void of any buttons or sliders. Nod Light appears as a composition of geometric volumes and planes. Its voluminous aluminium body provides a sturdy posture while showing a visible contrast to the delicate shade that is seemingly balancing on an angular top. It also contains all electronic components like the transformer in order to keep the power plug clean and simple. The shade that measures just half a centimeter in thickness encapsulates an ultra thin strip of LEDs which circles an acrylic reflector. It emits a very even light pattern while preventing the occurrence of multiple shadows. Video:

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