Journal Entry 01 By Ana Angilau

This series by Ana Angilau is part of her own visual diary, exploring the relationship people have with time and place.”The approach was to capture the awareness of that sense of place. The perspective tends to focus always on the individual, rather than the group. My intention is to form a sense of oneness through my work.”

2017-08-11_598dce9f8e4ae_IMG2.jpg 2017-08-11_598dce9f8e444_IMG1.jpg 2017-08-11_598dce9f8e5cd_IMG5.JPG 2017-08-11_598dce9f8e570_IMG4.jpg 2017-08-11_598dce9f8e511_IMG3.jpg 2017-08-11_598dce9f8e62b_IMG6.jpg