Ultraviolet Break Of Day By Marcus Wendt

The project ‘Ultraviolet Break of Day’ by Marcus Wendt is a cyberpunk inspired photography series. Shot across car park rooftops and back alleys and fine dining restaurants, all while heavily jet lagged and basically sleep walking through Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Seoul.

2017-08-11_598dc0dd9a8fb_FIELDUltraviolet-1.jpg 2017-08-11_598dc0dd9a96a_FIELDUltraviolet-6.jpg 2017-08-11_598dc0dd9a9d1_FIELDUltraviolet-9.jpg 2017-08-11_598dc0dd9aa36_FIELDUltraviolet-12.jpg 2017-08-11_598dc0dd9aa9a_FIELDUltraviolet-15.jpg 2017-08-11_598dc0dd9aafc_FIELDUltraviolet-16.jpg