Here, There, Everywhere

“In this series ‘Here, There, Everywhere’, it is about the little things that people may not be aware in the daily lives. I enjoy wandering around, observing and discovering coincidence settings on the street. It is interesting that everyone have different perspectives, imagination and interpretation towards the same image, and photography allows me to share my point of view of the world with others.”

2016-08-26_57c070eb03cfb_01.jpg 2016-08-26_57c070eb03dd5_03.jpg 2016-08-26_57c070eb03d6b_02.jpg 2016-08-26_57c070eb03e9f_05.jpg 2016-08-26_57c070eb03e3a_04.jpg 2016-08-26_57c070eb03f02_06.jpg