Artwork By Eric Petersen

“I am an artist living in Joshua Tree, California. My style is influenced by instructional graphics, video games and the look of vintage comics of the 1940s. I draw uniform lines on a computer to strip away some of the human element and expressive quality seen in non-digital work. I use perspective and unnatural colors to set up a voyeuristic feeling and create an unsettling mood.”

2017-01-12_5877d57e119fe_ericPetersen_anImpossibility1080x1080.png 2017-01-12_5877d57e11a68_ericPetersen_chronologicalOrder1080x1080.png 2017-01-12_5877d57e11acb_ericPetersen_infiniteCapacity1080x1080.png 2017-01-12_5877d57e11b2b_ericPetersen_itDistractsYou1080x1080.png 2017-01-12_5877d57e11b8b_ericPetersen_movingUp1080x1080.png 2017-01-12_5877d57e11be9_ericPetersen_withoutFail1080x1080.png