In Italy, in the North,there is a magic place often forgotten that is lying between two lakes: the popular Lake Garda and the small, dark Lake Idro. The shores of those stretches of water are quite populated and used to frenetic rhythm, but there, in the middle, the time flows with a different speed. We are speaking about Cima Rest, the last hamlet of the clustered town of Valvestino. Here more than 1200 meter above sea level, there are majestic verdant meadows and the few people that still live there are fully connected with the nature and instead to live in houses they live in barns. The principal worries in spring/summer is to get the best hay to store for the rest of the year, the cows that are sharing this dreamy place with the humans they love the nutrient Dactylis glomerata, the redundant Arrhenatherum elatius and from their part they give the best milk that will transformed in delicious cheese. The photos are shot in analog (Mamiya 645J and Pentax KX). Selection among 10

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