Geometrica brings together electronic and natural components, creating a dialogue between the natural and human world. Its rhomboidal structure with a frontal cut way, reveals a soft interior with a flower at the centre, representing its plant heart. By lightly touching it with our hands and gently pressing on its inner surface we can perceive a pulse through our fingers in the same way we find our heart rate through the arterial pulse. The beat of Geometrica increases or decreases in pace depending on the amount of water absorbed by the flower. Artificial and natural blend together, creating a new type of living object that must be touched to be observed and understood. The result is an object that interacts with the external environment and with people. Container and contents are blended together, creating a small ecosystem consisting of flowers, electronic circuits and metal structures. Geometrica consists of a metal structure made of aluminium, an inner core in bultex covered in fabric, a flower and an electrical circuit with a sensor that reads the amount of water absorbed by the plant. The system activates when we touch the inner lining, measuring the moisture level of the soil where the flower has its roots, and transforming the data obtained into a pulse similar to that of a living being.

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