Drifting Matter By Faber Franco

The ‘Drifting Matter’ by Faber Franco is a series of compositions made by two parts, the first one: analog photographs that he has been taking throughout this year and keep coming out of the constant inquest and hunt of beauty in his daily life, setting stages of powerful visual messages.

2017-09-28_59cd7bc018477_guay_2016223 2017-09-28_59cd7bc018417_guay_2016220 2017-09-28_59cd7bc0183b4_guay_2016218 2017-09-28_59cd7bc018348_guay_2016064 2017-09-28_59cd7bc0184d6_guay_2016225 2017-09-28_59cd7bc018534_guay_2016245