Deconstructions By Oluwatoni Inwang

With this ongoing series titled ‘Deconstructions’ Oluwatoni Inwang aims to break each image down to the basic colours that make up the image as a whole. Inspired by the idea of minimalism and deconstructed studio shoots in which the photographer has zoomed out of the subject and exposes the structure and how an image is created; through this intentional breakdown.

2017-09-28_59ccf146cd080_IMG_2208 2017-09-28_59ccf146cd0e8_IMG_2257 2017-09-28_59ccf146cd149_IMG_2281 2017-09-28_59ccf146cd1a8_IMG_2353 2017-09-28_59ccf146cd206_IMG_2354 2017-09-28_59ccf146cd263_IMG_2399