Binomios By Lucía Soto

“Binomios is a three pieces collection: a coffee table, a flowerpot stand and a wall lamp. The conceptual line that dominates this collection is the reflection of an inherent human condition: the constant longing of search for transforming reality. With these three pieces we seek to define a metaphor confronting the relation of similarity with the archetypes of nature. The coffee table has a polished marble cover at the top part, and a mountain chain wrought underneath which you can discover by the reflection of the mirror below.”

2016-11-17_582df6ca72c86__U1A4757bajaIGNANT.jpg 2016-11-17_582df6ca72c1e__U1A4749bajaIGNANT.jpg 2016-11-17_582df6ca72bb2__U1A4737bajaIGNANT.jpg 2016-11-17_582df6ca72b44__U1A4734bajaIGNANT.jpg 2016-11-17_582df6ca72ceb__U1A4772bajaIGNANT.jpg