2019 Round-Up: Our 5 Most Read Photography Stories


Photography is undoubtedly one of the most popular mediums in contemporary art, and every new generation of creatives bring new photographic movements to the fore. Regardless of one’s style, skill, or subject matter, it’s indisputable that photography has forever changed the way that the world understands itself.

In 2019, photographers used their imagery to make statements on social, political, and environmental issues, while others pointed to the importance of inclusion and authenticity in an increasingly digitized age. The talented photographers featured below break away from tired stereotypes, and use their self-expression and artistic flair to present evocative portraits and concepts. In particular, our stories center around celebrating women and the queer community, along with photographers that explore themes including love, travel, and technology. Be it fashion, conceptual, editorial, or landscape, we are committed to bringing unique perspectives in photography to our audience—the list that follows presents our most popular stories from 2019.

1. Carlota Guerrero’s Majestic Work Celebrates Women

Spanish photographer, videographer, and art director Carlota Guerrero first made waves in 2016 with her art direction for the musician Solange’s third studio album, A Seat At The Table. Her profile has since exploded, with work that interweaves elements of performance art, fashion, still lifes, nature, and feminism. What defines Guerrero’s ethereal style is her hazy, analog aesthetic and unique depiction of rawness, nature, and women. Find the full article here.


Image © Carlota Guerrero

2. Yoko Ishii Photographs Deer Roaming The Streets Of Nara, Japan

For her project ‘Beyond the Border’, Kanagawa-based photographer Yoko Ishii decided to turn her camera on the animal inhabitants of Nara: the ancient capital of Japan where Sika deer are almost commonplace as people. Ishii’s work captures the strangeness of a city in which deer are exempt from the hierarchical structure that humans have created. Find the full article here.


Image © Yoko Ishii

3. Michael Oliver Love’s Fashion Photography

The work of South African photographer Michael Oliver Love brings an invigorating perspective to the world of fashion photography. His images aim to subvert stereotypes surrounding beauty and gender, a refreshing move that breaks away from archaic, and quite frankly boring, gender norms. Find the story here.


Image © Michael Oliver Love

4. Jean Pierrot’s Romance, A Personal Meditation On The Ways We Fall In Love

The debut photobook by Slovenian photographer Jean Pierrot is Romance, which paints a warm portrait of nostalgia, seduction, and Mother Nature. Pierrot’s collection of analog photographs visualize his experience of romantic love, telling a story of the feelings of joy, mystery, and desire that are associated with the concept. Find the full article here.


Image © Jean Pierrot

5. ‘404 Not Found’, A Photographic Exploration Of A Dystopian Technological Future

This series by Italian photographer Luca Marianaccio’s is a conceptual portrayal of a disturbing and not-so-distant future, in which he proposes a world where technology dominates our lives in place of all human connection and community. The series struck a chord in our readers because it encapsulates one of the most important debates of our time: the anxiety surrounding how technology is changing humanity on a cultural, societal, and personal level. Find the full article here.


Image © Luca Marianaccio


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