2019 Round-Up: Our 5 Most Read Design Stories


In our review of 2019, we look back on our features of some of the world’s most forward-thinking designers in their respective fields. Four out of the five most popular features were studio visits and editorials produced by IGNANT, demonstrating our readers’ enthusiasm for original stories.

Among our most read pieces are an interview with Berlin-based artist Yasmin Bawa and Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis; both are innovative women whose dynamic design practices are intimately tied to their production methods and choice of materiality. Other popular stories include an editorial shot on the waters of the northern coast of Denmark, and another that exists as an ode to living with plants. From product and technology design, to interviews and interiors, in the collection that follows we revisit the stories that you enjoyed most.

1. “I Don’t Have A Strategy, I Just Do What I Do” – Sabine Marcelis On Making The Impossible Happen

For Dutch-New Zealand designer Sabine Marcelis, high energy and higher pressure are essential to her creative process. At her studio in Rotterdam, we discussed with her how a girl who trained to be a professional snowboarder became one of Europe’s most interesting design minds. Read the full interview here.


Image © Marina Denisova

2. The “Refined Primitivism” Of Al-Jawad Pike’s Suite Of Celine Stores In Italy

The London-based studio Al-Jawad Pike designed a series of spaces for French fashion house Celine; the latest, a suite of stores in Milan and Rome. This piece focuses on the interior of the stores, the design of which the studio explains aims to “merge architecture with sculpture in a sparing and essential way.” See the story here.


Image © Al-Jawad Pike

3. From High-End Fashion To Hemp: Yasmin Bawa Explains Why Material Matters

For Yasmin Bawa, the discovery of hemp lead to a shift in her creative direction, prompting her to migrate away from a career in fashion. In this interview and studio visit in Berlin where she is based, Bawa explains how hemp could reshape a variety of industries all over the world. Read the full article here.


Image © Silvia Conde

4. On The Danish Coast, The Earth Beneath Us Speaks In Patterns

Off-roading brings out the playful side of our nature. It represents adventure, mischief, and freedom on wheels. We drove to the northern coast of Denmark to create a photo series and poetic narrative that shows the different facets of the Danish topography and its textures, traveling with the car across sand, sea and dirt. See the full editorial here.


Image © NIK Schulte

5. Softening Spaces: The Beauty And Benefits Of Living With Plants

Amidst a large cohort of plant admirers and plant professionals, we invite leafy organisms into our homes to soften hard-edged spaces, to bring life and atmosphere to rooms when required, and to fill our need for natural interaction. In this editorial, we visually discuss both the beauty and the benefits of adorning a contemporary space with living decor. See the full article here.


Image © Volker Conradus


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