A Round-Up Of Most Unusual Chairs


The chair is often treated as a purely functional object—designed for sitting and comprising of four legs and a back.

We’re more interested in those that treat sitting as an adventure and have rounded up a selection of most unusual chairs by designers willing to think beyond function. Formally, the chairs below could not be more different from the traditional seat—though certainly, many have the same amount of legs. From Georgian designers bending steel pipes to create stools to Greek artists working together to tether magic carpets to the ground, the list that follows features chairs guaranteed to feel like an adventure every time you sit down.

‘Pipe Stool 2’ by XYZ Integrated Architecture

Georgian studio XYZ Integrated Architecture has designed ‘Pipe Stool 2’, an undulating stool whose form is crafted from a single stainless steel pipe. Handcrafted by Alexandre Barbakadze, the serpentine form of the stool wraps itself around an invisible object, creating the perfect place to sit in result.


Images © Bakur Tvrineli

‘Carpet Chair’ by Jan Blythe and Stelios Mousarris

With sculptor Jan Blythe, interior designer Stelios Mousarris created the ‘Carpet Chair’; a handmade persian rug with steel reinforcements, this seat appears as if it was Aladdin’s magic carpet folding down for a rest.


All images © Mousarris

'Abstraction Chair' by WoongKi Ryu

The influence of modern abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky is undeniably widespread: his primary colors and bold use of geometry shaping generations of creative work. For Korean designer WoongKi Ryu, these elements have been drawn together as inspiration in the ‘Abstraction Chair’.


All images © WoongKi Ryu

‘9.5° Chair’ by Frama

What started as an ordinary chair very quickly became something else—the ‘9.5° Chair’. Through experimentation, Rasmus B. Fex reimagined the chair as an object that is both sculptural and functional for Copenhagen-based design studio Frama.


Image © Frama

‘Lawless Chair’ by Evan Fay

Made of deep blue foam ribbons interwoven with an angular, multi-part metal frame, this cleverly crafted furniture piece is elegant and luxurious. The ‘Lawless Chair’ is by Detroit-based designer Evan Fay of design studio Aratani, a designer best known for experimenting with expressive and irregular forms. Read more in our feature on the ‘Lawless Chair’ here.


All images © Charlie Schuck

‘Proun Chair’ by Katia Tolstykh

Drawing from El Lissitzky’s design system in both name and concept, the ‘Proun Chair’ by Katia Tolstzkh combines geometric planes with the laws of construction and volumetric forms. Crafted from matte velvet and glossy metal, Tolstykh’s monochromatic chair is a playful exploration of form.


All images © Katia Tolstykh

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