Color Me Kandinsky: The Abstraction Chair By WoongKi Ryu

Abstraction Chair

The influence of modern abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky is undeniably widespread: his primary colors and bold use of geometry shaping generations of creative work. For Korean designer WoongKi Ryu, these elements have been drawn together as inspiration in the ‘Abstraction Chair’.

Ryu’s design features a round wooden seat and colorful shapes that playfully arc from the basic structure of the chair. Drawing formally from the expressionist works of Kandinsky — specifically Composition VIII — Ryu has brought the graphic shapes that the Russian artist was so renowned for into a three-dimensional realm. Despite its use of practical materials and traditional techniques the seat argues for form above function and is, as such, delightfully obtuse in its final design.

All images ©  WoongKi Ryu

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