A Masterful Masquerade By Alexander Kilian

Nemo Chair Editorial
Alexander Kilian

Whether for ceremony or protection, a masked face prompts intrigue. Fabio Novembre’s ‘Nemo’ delves into this mystery by reimagining the mask as an anthropomorphic chair.

Within a contemporary context, masks seem to refer less to mimes and masquerade balls than they do to a metaphorical contemplation of the self. In this editorial produced for iGNANT, Berlin-based photographer Alexander Kilian illustrates that the act of revelation and exposure is not as simple as the removal of a mask — through his lens it becomes a layered process where outcomes are varied and less tangible. Kilian has torn and overlaid his monochromatic images to achieve an editorial in which Novembre’s ‘Nemo’ chair appears with lackadaisical hands slung through empty eyes as if replacing eyelashes, morphs to become part of a face, and is suddenly equipped with multiple stiletto-clad legs.

Product: Driade ‘Nemo chair’
Photographer: Alexander Kilian
Production: iGNANT Production
Location: Berlin
Year: 2018

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