The Defiant Musings Of Coco Capitán’s Art


Spanish born, London-based artist Coco Capitán’s art combines photographic images with existential lyricism to produce frank discussions on what it means to be alive today.

The Sevillian photographer’s distinct handwriting, when considered together with her images on Instagram, takes on a cultural-critic role—by shifting from satire to sincerity, the art is both daring and pensive. Her work has been featured as part of Gucci’s ‘Art Wall’ mural project, with slogans such as “Common sense is not that common”, and “What are we going to do with all this future?”. The poetic, unfiltered nature of her work pulls the viewer into an almost dream-like state. As one reflects on her musings, much of the noise that comes with engaging in art is stripped back, leaving only the practice of questioning life’s mysteries to remain.

All images © Coco Capitán

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