Open Toad By Slam Jam Social And Rottingdean Bazaar

Open Toad
Annie Collinge

For Slam Jam Socialism’s latest editorial, the leading menswear stockist partnered with art directing duo Rottingdean Bazaar to create a weirdly wonderful shoot filled with highlights from Spring 2018 collections.

A pair of A Bathing Ape jeans crawling out of a washing machine and a tracksuited Pharrell Williams caught in the grip of a plastic hand are just some of the brilliantly absurd concepts explored in ‘Open Toad’. The shoot embraces a DIY aesthetic — exemplified in the makeshift trainer-slash-rollerblade shoes or the “burger” made up of piles of clothing — which is typical of the Rottingdean Bazaar team. Known for their eccentric, parody-style clothing, badges, and stylistic approach, the pair have put their unique stamp on this editorial, making it both a humorous and an inspiring romp through springs’ latest offerings.

All images © Annie Collinge

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