Pavilion House, A Modernist Home And Lap Pool By Pitsou Kedem

Pavilion House
Amit Geron

In suburban Tel Aviv, Israeli architecture firm Pitsou Kedem has designed ‘Pavilion House’, which features sliding glass walls, a slate-clad facade and a linear swimming pool spanning the length of the property.

The second storey of the modernist residential home is on the entrance level of the property and is topped by a flat concrete roof. Glass sliding walls open out to the courtyard and pool area, where at one end swimmers can be seen through a glass panel. Inside features all-black cabinets and walls; a darkness that is offset by oak flooring and low-hung light fixtures. A staircase leads down to the lower level, meaning that half the house is technically underground. However unlike a stereotypical basement, the ground floor of ‘Pavilion House’ is flooded with natural light thanks to glass lined voids, an atrium, and a series of narrow windows spread across the walls, that filter sunlight inside to the bedrooms.

All images © Amit Geron

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