Inspired By Brutalist Architecture, The Sleek X-CHAIR By OUT Is Redefining Sustainability


Industrial designer Hermann August Weizenegger has designed a radical new chair for German furniture brand Objekte Unserer Tage (OUT), titled ‘The X-CHAIR’. For the release, IGNANT production created a series of renderings that depict the chair in sophisticated architectural settings.

“‘The X-CHAIR’ challenges the viewer as brutally as a building that has fallen out of time,” explains Reinhard Weßling, managing director of OUT. “It is a monument that works as a statement in the living area, and defies wind and weather outside.” Made entirely from recycled material, The X-Chair is fairly produced and fully traceable in its production cycle. Designed to explore the architectural qualities of Brutalism through furniture, its geometric shape is based on the Brutalism movement’s striking detail and hard lines, privileging function over form. The matt-black sculptural seat’s unique and timeless shape will be presented in the Berlin Museum of Decorative Arts until January 2021. For more information or to purchase yours, click here.


All images © IGNANT production

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