Chairs Adorned With Hair By Kabiljo Inc.


‘PRETTYPRETTY’ is Viennese design studio Kabiljo Inc.‘s collection of “pretty heads to sit on”: a range of chairs, poufs and bar stools, each adorned with a set of luscious locks. The project invites the viewer to reflect on the sensuality and desire flowing through everyday life. Kabiljo Inc. takes an innovative, experiential approach to design, creating objects that speak to fetishes, compulsive tendencies and bad habits. Speaking of their design process, Dejana Kabiljo says: “Materials are burnt, bleached, blow dried, curled, beaten, spilt, bent and turned into gold, until they fit into place. Time is invited in and made to stay still. Simple things are created for our complex times, nice, irony-free and celebratory.”


All images © Dejana Kabiljo and Christian Maricic

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