Hoop Magazine Rack By Umbra Shift

Hoop Magazine Rack
Umbra Studio

This minimalist rack displays your favorite books, records and magazines at an easy to reach angle, all while adding a modern design element to your living space. Toronto-based Umbra Studio presents a new release under its Umbra Shift imprint, that focuses on contemporary influences in the design community. Umbra Shift creates new categories that apply thoughtful design to everyday items by re-thinking things and designing personal objects to use at home.
Named Hoop Magazine Rack, the studio designed a graphic and minimal assemblage of faceted metal rods to provide a unique storage and display solution for magazine and records. The circular frame makes it easy to pick up the contents while presenting them at an aesthetically pleasing and approachable angle. The Hoop Magazine Rack can hold up to 24 Records and is available in black and pink, retailing for € 60.00.

All images © Umbra Studio

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