Rana Young’s Journey Of Self-Discovery


American photographer Rana Young explores themes of intimacy, voyeurism and the liminal space between performative self and the expected self. For her series titled ‘The Rug’s Topography’, Young deals with personal identities beneath relationship. The story behind this project narrates a deep emotional experience of Rana’s longlasting relationship with her intimate partner rediscovering himself. Simultaneously the couple was facing an internal conflict, how they identified as individuals differed from the roles they occupied in their partnership.
The staged portraits and ambient photographs create a cyclical narrative capturing the artist’s reflections on the trajectory and circumstances within her relationship, past and present. This vantage point provides an insight into the private domain to witness the madness of self-discovery. The ebbs and flows of growth redefining identity are highlighted through themes of intimacy, transition, and introspection within her own four walls.

All images © Rana Young

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