Odiseo Issue 12 Explores Conformity And Belonging

Odiseo Issue 12

Whilst often discussed in a negative light, conformity can also be a blanket of belonging, facilitating equality and unity amongst groups of otherwise disparate people. At least, that’s what Odiseo proffers in its latest print issue.

Between the covers of issue 12 lies an exploration of acceptance and connection, as Odiseo explains, “We are attempting to understand the persona—that gulf between what you are with others, and what you are alone.” Whilst individuality might be trending, conformity is also booming. Social media has become an echo chamber of mimicry and memes, so how do we separate ourselves while remaining connected? Issue 12 examines such questions through broader discussions in text and image on nationalism, colonialism, replications, authenticity and artificial identity. 

All images © Odiseo

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