Heather Rasmussen Turns Surreal Sculptures Into Images


A recently opened exhibition at ACME Los Angeles showcases recent works of American artist Heather Rasmussen. The show, entitled ‘Body Variations’, features photographs, sculptures, and video works. Rasmussen recreated imagery of artists such as Hans Breder, Ujj Zsuzsi and Rene Magritte in her studio, forming her own surreal artworks. The pieces explore the relationship between a woman – particularly a dancer – and her body. Rasmussen choreographed the scenes with her own body, using plaster cast copies of her legs and a series of objects with personal and historical meanings. Her still-life images with mirrors and prints of other photographs are both surreal and vibrant works of art.

All images © Heather Rasmussen & Acme
Heather_Rasmussen-art (2)Heather_Rasmussen-art (4)Heather_Rasmussen-art (1)Heather-Rasmussen_ARt-5Heather Rasmussen_ARt (2)Heather Rasmussen_ARt (4)
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