Josh Faux’s Reinvention Of The Soul


Photographed by Josh Faux and edited by Lola Dupre, the series titled ‘Reinvention of the Soul’ was produced for Old Tat Magazine, published in The SS16 Monochrome with a Dash of Colour Issue, and was also shown during The Aniticlone X exhibition with creative director and model Sade English at No Format Gallery. The series consists of collages formed from portraits by Faux. Dupre`s intention was to create completely new perspectives and narratives of the individual photographs. Unusual, almost supernatural looking collages of faces are catching the attention of the beholder. By using scissors, Dupre manipulates the pictures to create a new meaning to the original image. One technique she uses is cloning some facial features and moving them around to create a new person, making it look creepy or out of the ordinary. Almost looking like cubistic portraits, the artist is taking the original photo and displacing the area of the eye, using simple tools to make it look as realistic as possible. Here you can check out more of Lola Dupre‘s work.

Photographer: Josh Faux
Collage Illustration: Lola Dupre
Creative direction and Model: Sade English
Mua: Luke Harris
Assistant: Ebere Anosike
Garments: Sade English Skin Collection
Photo retouching: Alina Kovban

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