Thomas Rousset & Charles Negre’s Surrealistic Journey Through Indonesia


For their brilliant body of work titled 164° on the Equator, Paris based photographers Thomas Rousset and Charles Negre use quirky portraits and still lifes to create the story of a fictional location.

Constructing surrealistic and fictional realities all their own, the pictures were taken in Indonesia over a course of two months in 2014. This unique series contains documentary-style photographs with the intentionality of studio-based staging, showing everyday elements combined and repurposed to highly theatrical ends. Capturing banana leaves as backpacks, miniature boats as shoes, snakes as headbands and office décor, the series voices the idea of a clash of civilisation. Each picture is deliberately arranged and extensively prepared to make the compositions appearing absurd. Rousset and Negre meticulously constructed photos have an hypnotizing and quirky impact to the beholder, affording a glimpse into a slightly altered Indonesian landscape that seems disquieting, uncanny and sometimes humorous. Thomas Rousset and Charles Negre published their pictures in a miscellany by Études Studio.

Photography_Thomas_Rousset_Charles_Negre_164_On_The_Equator_08 Kopie
Photography_Thomas_Rousset_Charles_Negre_164_On_The_Equator_10 Kopie
Photography_Thomas_Rousset_Charles_Negre_164_On_The_Equator_07 Kopie

All images © Charles Negre & Thomas Rousset