Alter Ego By Olivier Ramonteu


French photographer Olivier Ramonteu created the eerie and intriguing series ‘Alter Ego’ capturing the ghostly images of twins. As a viewer, we aren’t sure if we are actually looking at a cleverly combined multiple exposure or an actual twin couple. Well both is true as some of his subjects are really identical twins while others are just imagined. Ramonteu leaves it to the viewer to decide which couples are real and which are just cleverly manufactured doubles of one person. His aim is to raise questions about our perception and the things we believe are real.

All images © Olivier Ramonteu | Via: My Modern Met

Alter ego(-ism) #02olivier_ramonteu_Alter_Ego_02Alter ego(-ism) #03Alter ego(-ism) #01olivier_ramonteu_Alter_Ego_05Alter ego(-ism) #06
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