Oners By Lilit Asiryan

Julia Tatarchenko

Born in Yerevan, Armenia, object maker and graphic designer Lilit Asiryan founded the online concept store Oners in 2016, selling her own ceramic objects and other pieces that blur the border between art and everyday items.

Produced in Värmland, Sweden, the unique ceramics differ slightly, depending on the variation of minerals in the wood. Based in Stockholm, Lilit teamed up with Russian photographer and video maker Julia Tatarchenko. Together they made a series of still lifes exploring the relationship between texture and colour. The pictures show ceramics positioned with food, while the focus lies on geometry and distinct lines with the attention to color and light. Working with graphic forms, Lilit aims to make the viewers question the source of the mass consumed everyday goods and emphasises on promoting craftsmanship and sustainability.

All images © Julia Tatarchenko


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