HVW8 x iGNANT ‘All Inclusive’ Exhibition

Together with HVW8 Gallery we collaborated on a group exhibition with photographers from around the globe, playing with the subject ‘All Inclusive’.

Sometimes critical, often sarcastic yet humorous, their works deal with vacationing and the stereotypical images that one might think of hearing the term ‘All Inclusive’. The artists reveal a shady side of maximum recreation on a cheap basis, showing us how tourists influence the image of a city or landscape, or simply spark interest with an easy-going aesthetic. In a time where everyone is striving for ultimate fun and personal development, ‘All Inclusive’ is the analogy for our attitude of self-management and self-enhancement. Featuring photographs by Fabien Fourcaud, Fred Guillaud, Max Siedentopf, Polly Penrose, Shailah Maynard and Lukas Korschan. The exhibition runs from November 17 – December 03.

HVW8 Berlin
Linienstrasse 161, 10115 Berlin
Thursday – Saturday: 1 pm – 6 pm


Opening Party, November 11, 2016

All images © Clemens Poloczek & Clara Renner
Creative Direction: Clemens Poloczek
Curator: Annika Wittrock
Production: Clara Renner & Yasmin Yazdani