The Unsettling Sculptures of Choi Xooang

Coming from South Korea, Choi Xooang has been sculptig for almost 14 years now. Introduced to sculpture in an art school, he was immediately struck by the medium and the possibility of creating an actual and tangible object. Both fascinating and disturbing, Xooang’s figures show his concerns about human condition in the society. Although the intricate details make them as hyperrealistic as the works of Ron Mueck, Xooang’s sculptures are often surreal at the same time, having their bodies disorted or merged with other species. Open for numerous interpretations, they leave the viewer with unsettling feelings. But as the Korean artist said in a recent interview with Yatzer, “If one feels uncomfortable physically or mentally when viewing my work, I would say it worked.”

Art_Choi Xooang_Sculptures_03 Art_Choi Xooang_Sculptures_09 Art_Choi Xooang_Sculptures_08 Art_Choi Xooang_Sculptures_12 Art_Choi Xooang_Sculptures_07 Art_Choi Xooang_Sculptures_05 Art_Choi Xooang_Sculptures_10 Art_Choi Xooang_Sculptures_13 Art_Choi Xooang_Sculptures_11 Art_Choi Xooang_Sculptures_04 Art_Choi Xooang_Sculptures_02 Art_Choi Xooang_Sculptures_01