Lucy Orta Calls Survival The New Slogan Of The Decade


The installation of British artist Lucy Orta can be seen somewhere between art, fashion, architecture and ecological concerns. Refugee Wear is a project including series of temporary shelters that can be transformed into clothing and transport bags. The series began during the period of the first Gulf War resulting in the stock market crash and economic recession which concluded an unprecedented global crisis. Lucy Orta`s project is a poetic response to the humanitarian aid appealing for shelter and clothing to help the Kurd refugees fleeing the war zones.

Refuge Wear are transportable habitats that can be turned into anoraks and backpacks, designed for personal comfort and mobility for the modern nomad. The materials contain technical features and microporous Rip Stop for body comfort and protection. The conversion from shelter to clothing is fundamental to the concept of freedom, new relationships and cultural exchanges. Refuge Wear allows the proprietor being a necessary element of an individual’s need for a small personal space that makes it possible to isolate and create a place of reflection and meditation.

All images © Studio Orta
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