Fine Art Meets Fashion In Steph Wilson’s Work

The London-based photographer Steph Wilson seamlessly blends fine art and fashion in her eye-catching photographic practice.

The founder of art collective Lemon People, Wilson equally uses her work to address internet politics, as in the ‘Emoji’ series for Dazed, in which she questions the Instagram’s nipple censorship policy. “It’s a tricky one as I understand that it’s a 12 rated app,” explains Wilson. “What I don’t understand is why a 12 year old can’t be exposed to a nude woman’s nipples shot in an artistic, empowering manner, but can be exposed on a daily basis to a woman’s semi-nude body used for marketing purposes.” Here we present a selection of her editorial work alongside the ‘Emoji’ series. For more of her striking photographs, pop over to her website.

‘Emoji’ for Dazed

‘Everyday Activism’ for Riposte Magazine

‘F Troupe’
All images © Steph Wilson