A Lamp Designed As An Ode To Light


Ukrainian product designer Michael Samoriz created the ‘Helix Lamp’, a scientific-looking spiraling light that resembles the shape of a Tungsten filament in a light bulb.

“The lamp is an ode to the very symbol of lighting, the Tungsten filament.”Conceived as a minimal design, the piece reinterprets the very beginnings of electrical light with a modern touch. Depending on the viewer’s position, the shape of the pendant light changes from a spring-like shape into a round structure. Samoriz works in the realms of industrial design and interiors as well as visualization and 3D graphics. Speaking of the idea behind the lamp’s design, Samoriz says: “The lamp is an ode to the very symbol of lighting, the Tungsten filament. The iconic shape of the tungsten coil, a characteristic element of every incandescent bulb, is mirrored in the design of the lamp’s outer body.” For more lamps, take a look at our shop.



All images © courtesy of Michael Samoriz