Photo Essay By Simon Heger Knudsen


Founded by Kristian Byrge and Peter Bonnen in 2006, the products of Scandinavian design company Muuto are characterized by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and an honest expression. The team designs furniture and home accessories with forward-looking materials, techniques and bold creative thinking, delivering new perspectives on Scandinavian design. In the scope of their Photo Essays, Muuto has developed a new project to let us perceive Scandinavian design through the individual lens and scope of different photographers from across the world. The first edition, shot by Copenhagen-based photographer Simon Heger Knudsen, shows his personal perspective through coastal landscapes on a cold and misty autumn day. Photographed at the beach of Bellevue north of Copenhagen, this harsh environment is in complete contrast to the soft materials and warm colors of the textiles and furniture. ”Growing up, I always came here with family and friends year-round—swimming in the summer and walking along the cold beach through winter,” Simon Heger Knudsen says about the place. Designed by the Danish masters, the iconic architecture of the surrounding area served as an inspiration for the photographer. Therefore, the beach seemed like a natural choice for the Photo Essay, joining traditional values with a new outlook on things.

All images © Simon Heger Knudsen

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