The Pastel-Hued World Of Instagram Artist Michele Bisaillon


A whimsical universe filled with shades of pastel pinks and purples, while cats pose in mirrors wearing love-heart shaped sunglasses. That is the essence of Silicon Valley-based artist Michele Bisaillon’s work, using Instagram as her canvas.

Publicly sharing her dreamlike photographs, Bisaillon brings new meaning to the term selfie, captured in an array of reflective shots.

Her addictive feed draws on a somewhat ‘90s style theme, brimming with props that include everything from vibrant balloons and mirrors to flora, and of course the artist herself. In today’s world where we are all slightly guilty of unleashing our inner narcissist, Bisaillon’s self-portraits offer an infinite escape right at our fingertips.

michelebisaillon_photography_6430 Kopie
michelebisaillon_photography_5482 Kopie
michelebisaillon_photography_5411 Kopie
michelebisaillon_photography_5371 Kopie
michelebisaillon_photography_5138 Kopie
michelebisaillon_photography_4992 Kopie
michelebisaillon_photography_5723 Kopie
michelebisaillon_photography_5589 Kopie
michelebisaillon_photography_2211 Kopie
michelebisaillon_photography_6562 Kopie

All images © Michele Bisaillon

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