Geoff Johnson Shows What It’s Like For A Child To Live With A Hoarder


Omaha-based photographer Geoff Johnson created the series ‘Behind The Door’, showing the living conditions that he and his sister Jennifer grew up in, and what it is like to be living with a parent who is a hoarder. He shot the photos in his childhood home, it was the first time he came back to the house after he had left it in 1995. He states that he wanted to use “art to express (his) feelings and share a little bit about children living with hoarders and give a sense of what it was like ‘hiding’ behind the door whenever someone comes to the house”.

The series was never about his parent but rather about his childhood and about healing, ‘and perhaps most of all, to forgive what happened in the past.’

All images © Geoff Johnson | Via: Designtaxi

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