Portraits Exploring Body Perceptions By Meltem Isik

Turkish artist Meltem Isik creates portraits of the human body that not only question the viewer’s perception for the project ‘Twice into the stream‘. By placing enlarged images of various body parts in front of the subject’s body, Isik explores topics such as body image and self-awareness. In a statement about the project, Isik says: “The complexity that originates from the capability of our bodies to see and be seen simultaneously, provides the basis of the work that I construct using different view points. Although the series took its final shape as a photographic installation, my process is closely akin to sculpture and performance.”

meltemisik_photography-13 Kopie meltemisik_photography-20 meltemisik_photography-13 meltemisik_photography-08 meltemisik_photography-11 meltemisik_photography-16 Kopie meltemisik_photography-16 meltemisik_photography-05 meltemisik_photography-12 meltemisik_photography-15 meltemisik_photography-04

All images © Meltem Isik