People By Chad Pitman


American photographer Chad Pitman’s series titled ‘People’ identifies irresistible charm in unexpected places by focusing on people and their idiosyncrasies. Pitman captures characterizing and distinctive details of his models, whether it’s lingering on the expressive bend of a lover’s finger or pondering the striking scar on a stranger’s cheek. This certain feeling of closeness is emerged by the photographer’s emphasis on very characteristic and intimate body parts. Pitman explains that only in the most intimate moments, we have the possibility to get close to someone’s waist, their belt, their hands and their mouth. His trademark style includes the application of paint to photographic prints and high sensitivity to colour. The photographer has contributed to a number of fashion magazines including i-D, Vogue, GQ Style, V MAGAZINE, Numero, Vogue, VOGUE HOMME, POP, W, AnOther, as well as many others.

All images © Chad Pitman

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