Architectural Planters By Maxim Scherbakov


Russian designer Maxim Scherbakov of Sankt Petersburg-based studio Plan-S23 created ‘Plantscape‘, a sculptural-looking piece that functions as plant pots. Made of concrete, limestone and brass, each one of the various structures can be arranged in multiple ways. We’ve featured the studio’s work previously and in a statement about his latest project, the designer says: “This project is an experiment on the theme of survival of plants not adapted to their life urbanistichnoy environment. It is a polygon with multiple scenarios where the plants may have to find their own way to the light. Modules mimic real urban conditions, such as the gap between the parapets and concrete structures, paving tiles, ventilation and sewage hatches, in short, all those places, where seemingly nothing can grow.”

All images © Alexey Galkin

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