Top 10 Paper Artworks


Art can find its expression in many means and the times it solely took place on the canvas are long gone. So today we’d like to draw focus on the most amazing paper artists that are working with this delicate material, transforming it into fascinating artworks. To get to know them even better, just click on the attached image. Enjoy.

Maud Vantours

Paris-based designer and artist Maud Vantours uses layer upon layer of cut paper to create hypnotizing patterns and textures that translate into set designs, fashion accessories, and editorial treatments.


Eiko Ojala

Looking at the work of Eiko Ojala, we have a hard time to imagine it’s just flat pieces of paper. Ojala’s subjects range from portraits, to series’ of forest scenes and minimalist nudes, always transforming seemingly simple concepts into beautiful pieces of art.


Fideli Sundqvist

Fideli Sundqvist is building up stories which she illustrates with three-dimensional paper creations. In her works she replaces natural objects with folded paper.


Bovey Lee

Power, sacrifice, and survival are the underlying narratives in Bovey Lee’s cut paper works. He hand cuts each work on Chinese rice paper with silk backing. Bovey Lee defines what he does as drawing with a knife.


Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen works with white paper in different objects, paper cuts, installations and performances. He transforms it into playful sculptures, people, animals or nature motifs. For Callesen, the A4 white sheet of paper is “a material that we are all able to relate to and at the same time the A4 paper sheet is neutral and open to fill with different meaning.”


Sipho Mabona

The origami artist Sipho Mabona created a life-sized elephant made of a 15 square meters sheet of paper. The finished work weighs roughly 250 kilograms and is just over 3 meters high. Due to the extraordinary dimensions of the paper Mabona had to be supported by several assistants during the folding process.


Li Hongbo

The one artist that can’t be missed in this list is Li Hongbo and his fascinating paper works. His flexible structures are using thousands of layers of paper that only become apparent when they’re stretched and pulled. The result is sort of like taking a crazy acid trip right before heading to see the actual statue.


Carly Fischer

Sculptural installation artist Carly Fischer creates everyday rubbish fabricated entirely from paper. With her amazingly detailed replicas of all kinds of trash, she aims to explore the relationship between the local realities of places and their global reproduction as cultural clichés.


Kumi Yamashita

Kumi Yamashita creates fascinating shadow art with a simple piece of paper. This work is based on colorful post-its, looking like a bunch of construction paper pieces neatly arranged on a blank white wall at first glance. Though if you come a little closer you might notice actual human faces.


Rogan Brown

Rogan Brown creates incredibly intricate sculptures out of layers of hand-cut paper. Inspired by scientific illustration and model making, he constructs imaginary organic forms that reflect his fascination with the immense detail and complexity of the natural world.


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