Paper Furniture By Studio Molo

“There is profound magic in paper’s potential to become anything you imagine,” say Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen, the duo behind the Vancouver-based design and production studio molo.

Through the investigations of paper, the designers found inspiration in illuminated manuscripts and gilded books. Honoring the tradition of applying a thin layer of gold on to the paper’s edge, molo has gilded a special edition of soft-seating fanning stool. Through a centuries-old process, the edges of the natural brown kraft paper are coated with a 24 karat gold leaf. The pieces, created as a celebration sic the paper’s significance to molo designs, can be used not only as stools, but also side tables or even sculpture. Their unique quality of catching the light that shifts with the viewing angle makes them the perfect addition to the artistic-sensible interior.

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All images © courtesy of molo