A Minimal Villa With An Art Gallery By Makoto Yamaguchi Design


Japanese architecture studio Makoto Yamaguchi Design created a minimalist villa featuring an art gallery in the small town of Karuizawa near Tokyo. The building features a unique shape as well as a floor-to-ceiling glass facade that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Additionally, there are large windows that face in every direction and provide enough natural light for the gallery space.

All images © Koichi Torimura

MakotoYamaguchiDesign_architecture-06MakotoYamaguchiDesign_architecture-05MakotoYamaguchiDesign_architecture-03MakotoYamaguchiDesign_architecture-04MakotoYamaguchiDesign_architecture-07MakotoYamaguchiDesign_architecture-01MakotoYamaguchiDesign_architecture-01iplansite plan
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