Intimate Portraits By Shuji Kobayashi


Japanese photographer Shuji Kobayashi captures intimate portraits of young women in dream-like surroundings. His sensuous images are saturated in natural light and evoke a sense of nostalgia and fantasy. Kobayashi moved to the US when he was younger to pursue a career as a film director but eventually began shooting photographs for fashion and film magazines. The photographer now lives and works in Tokyo.

All images © Shuji Kobayashi

Shuji Kobayashi_Photography_1Shuji Kobayashi_Photography_2Shuji Kobayashi_Photography_3Shuji Kobayashi_Photography_4Shuji Kobayashi_Photography_5Shuji Kobayashi_Photography_6Shuji Kobayashi_Photography_7Shuji Kobayashi_Photography_8Shuji Kobayashi_Photography_9Shuji Kobayashi_Photography_10Shuji Kobayashi_Photography_11
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