Haunting Fashion Collages By Jean-François Lepage


In the series ‘Recycle (prelude)’, French photographer Jean-François Lepage creates eerie fashion collages by deconstructing photographs from his archive through cutting, stitching and drawing on the surface of image. His collages typically feature haunting imagery and are saturated with deep tones – the combination of the two often results in a dark and surreal aura. In an interview about his work, Lepage says, “When I look at my images I see overly bright colors that are hiding our sadness – people who are wearing masks to reveal themselves – lonely characters strong and peaceful – mutilated forms that show human beauty and eyes turned inward to better understand our world.”

All images © Jean-François Lepage

Jean-François Lepage_Art_13Jean-François Lepage_Art_12Jean-François Lepage_Art_11Jean-François Lepage_Art_10Jean-François Lepage_Art_9Jean-François Lepage_Art_8Jean-François Lepage_Art_7Jean-François Lepage_Art_6Jean-François Lepage_Art_5Jean-François Lepage_Art_4Jean-François Lepage_Art_3Jean-François Lepage_Art_2Jean-François Lepage_Art_1
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