Delicate Flower Art By Mary Lennox Flowers

Under the name Mary Lennox Flowers, florist Ruby Barber and her team create delicate flower arrangements that are reminiscent of old Dutch paintings with a modern touch. Barber relocated a few years ago from her hometown of Sydney to Berlin where she runs her appointment-only flower and garden service. From small bouquets to shop installations, the floral creations are sourced locally and change with the seasons. The work of Mary Lennox Flowers has appeared in publications such as Vogue Germany and Harpers Bazaar Germany. Barber also frequently shares her latest works on her Instagram.

See the interview below to get a glimpse of how she works with flowers and keep an eye out for iGNANT’s upcoming debut workshop in Berlin with the floral artist…

marylennox_Thomas Friederich-Shafer for Knauf Jewels marylennox_Tabea Mathern2

What do you like about working with flowers?

Ruby Barber: There are so many things I find fascinating about flowers. They are incredibly beautiful, complex, diverse and they have such a rich history. They bring a lot of people joy, myself included.

marylennox_Tabea Mathern marylennox_AshleyLundaescher

What’s the process behind creating a bouquet?

Ruby Barber: For me, the making of a bouquet starts at the flower market. A beautiful bouquet is all about having fantastic produce. Sometimes lots of different varieties catch my eye and the bouquet turns out big and textured. Other times, there is one stand out variety and I work with only one flower en masse. And then sometimes I find a single stem I think is perfect on its own. There are definitely no set rules.

2014_Arsine_Christian_0081 2014_Arsine_Christian_0043

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Ruby Barber: The flowers themselves are a constant source of inspiration!

All images © 1 Thomas Friederich Schaefer / 2,3 Tabea Mathern / 4 Ashley Ludaescher Photography / 5,6 Corbin Gurkin