Cuttemporary Art By Sakir Gökçebag


Originally from Turkey, conceptual photographer Sakir Gökçebag creates striking arrangements and installations with everyday objects. His photograpy series ‘Cuttemporary Art’ depicts meticulously sliced fruit and vegetables, laid out in striking, methodically-created displays. Through this, Gökçebag presents an interesting play on natural and manmade imagery. A contrast arises through the precision of Gökçebag’s cuts and the organic patterns visible on the surface of the watermelons, apples and green beans, presenting an unlikely geometric view of things supposed to be eaten. By capturing his patterned creations on light grey backgrounds similar to that of professional passport photography, the objects are almost completely removed from their context as food, instead reading as interesting shapes, forms and materials that have been manipulated by the hand of an artist.

All images © Sakir Gökçebag

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