Giuseppe Colarusso Creates Impossible And Useless Objects For His Series Unlikely


What happens if the sense-giving properties of various objects are radically changed? We would simply not be able to use them anymore in the common way these specific everyday objects are used. With a good sense of humor Giuseppe Colarusso questions through his project ‘Improbabilità’ (Unlikely), the usefulness of everyday commodities. Through creative manipulation Italian artist and photographer creates further developed exaggerations. On one hand, it’s all just about seemingless pointless developments of various items, but on the other hand, he succeeds at mixing improper objects and creating totally new and quirky items. Colarusso himself sees his work ‘Improbabilità’ as a kind of a surreal still life, a collection of imaginary objects that are unlikely, but not impossible.

All images © Giuseppe Colarusso

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