Jesse Draxler’s Eerie Collages

Artist and illustrator Jesse Draxler explores the psychosomatic diversity that bends and distorts life’s realities. His artwork is an authentic look into the transitional stasis of a technologically saturated existence.

Jesse Draxler’s large-scale collage art draws the viewer in, while simultaneously causing shock and a feeling of disturbance. Digital inversions and hand painted alterations obscure faces, rendered in black-and-white. Faceless figures embody universal notions of death and terror, acting as self-portraits. Aware of the sameness of texture at micro and macro levels, the artist indicates an universal bond underlying the cosmic delusion, or the pixel bandwidth of our simulated universe. In his New York solo show “Terror Management” at Manhattan’s Booth Gallery, he draws heavily from the notion that everything a human does is influenced by the inevitable fact that one day everyone has to die.


All images © Jesse Draxler